NASA Transition Authorization Act Allocates $19.508 Billion for 2017

S. 442: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 The federal budget process occurs in two stages: appropriations and authorizations. This is an authorization bill, which direct how federal funds should or should not be used. Appropriations set overall spending limits by agency or program and are typically made for single fiscal years … Continue reading NASA Transition Authorization Act Allocates $19.508 Billion for 2017

NASA’s 2017 Budget Request is Central to US Global Climate Change Initiative

PART 2: NASA’s programs in Earth science are central to three important Presidential initiatives: the Climate Change Research Initiative, Global Earth Observation, and the Oceans Action Plan. NASA's budget request for 2017 is intrinsically linked to the $2.68-billion Global Change Research Program budget for 2017 ($1.54 billion of NASA’s Earth science research is including, constituting 58 percent of that total).