Outcomes of White House Arctic Science Ministerial

The outcomes of the White House Arctic Science Ministerial that brought together science ministers and other high-level officials from more than 20 nations are publicly available.

Panelists included officials from the White House, NSF, and from participants in the Ministerial from Russia, Finland, South Korea, and the European Commission.  The event also included a reception and special presentations including: a new 3D film about Greenland; the NASA “PufferSphere” interactive system; and a demonstration of the new digital elevation model of the Arctic.

At the White House event, ministers of science, chief science advisors, and other officials from countries around the world, as well as representatives from indigenous groups, addressed the collective actions and innovative collaborations needed to enhance scientific understanding of the rapidly changing Arctic.

Study in Progress

Events of Interest

Event Recap: PRB Fall Meeting

The PRB fall meeting was held Nov. 17-18 in Washington, DC.  Along with the usual project updates and strategic planning discussions, Board members engaged with federal agency representatives  and numerous other stakeholders on topics such as:

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