American Science Alliance Week in Review 12.07.16

The 114th “Lame Duck” Congress sent a massive, bipartisan, and highly lobbied health and research bill to President Obama’s desk, while we are keeping our eye on three senate seats of the 115th congress with potential S&T policy implications. Quantitative data has been reported for the national and international scientific enterprise and the US seeks to strengthen international research connections.


Industry Connections


  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee held an investigative oversight meeting with EPA to determine EPA’s role in the “ZEV Investments” portion of the Volkswagen Emissions Cheating Settlement and the potential impacts on the policymaking landscape.
  • More than $192 million in lobbying expenses have been spent on the 21st Century Cures Act and other legislative priorities by 58 pharmaceutical companies, 24 device companies and 26 biotech companies, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis of lobbying data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Legislation to Watch



Public Meetings and Requests for Input


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