NASA’s 2017 Budget Request is Central to US Global Climate Change Initiative

NASA’s programs in Earth science are central to three important Presidential initiatives: the Climate Change Research Initiative, Global Earth Observation, and the Oceans Action Plan.

NASA pioneers new global environmental observations and research, and works with other federal agencies to improve the operational services they provide to the Nation. These services include: weather forecasting; climate prediction; natural hazard assessment, prediction, and response; and environmental management, including air quality forecasting and land use assessment.

NASA’s budget request for 2017 is intrinsically linked to the  $2.68-billion Global Change Research Program budget for 2017 ($1.54 billion of NASA’s Earth science research is including, constituting 58 percent of that total).

The budget table below represents those funds self-identified by the USGCRP agencies as their contributions to USGCRP research from 2014-2016. This budget “crosscut” does not include the costs of many agency investments that are relevant and necessary to USGCRP’s ability to address national objectives related to global change (for example, many of the observing networks and satellite systems critical to documenting trends were originally carried out by their sponsoring agencies for current operational purposes, and these typically are not included in the budget crosscut).

USGCRP Budget by Agency FY 2014 – FY 2016 (in millions of dollars)

14–16 Budget

*USAID and DOS funding supports USGCRP and the Climate Change International Assistance effort. In the past, some of this funding was counted under both categories. These efforts do not add to the USGCRP total.

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